We are pleased to introduce you to the S-Drive, a revolutionary technological breakthrough that puts the power of our German Environmental Hair Indexing systems directly into your hands, via the internet, from any country in the world.

Our S-Drive is a ‘first-of-its-kind‘,  device that interfaces signature-wave information at the point of use, where it is immediately captured and coded, before being digitised  and transferred to Germany, for detailed assessment by  our computerised data centre.

Our Technology

In the data centre the received digital data is automatically de-coded and the captured signature-wave is replayed using our in-house computerised algorithmic systems in order to determine a wide variety of environmental influences specific to the captured digitised information from the hair. The captured data is presented in the form of an Environmental Statement which is then automatically returned to the S-Drive connected computer, which first sent the digitised information.

This bespoke process takes less than 15 minutes, providing you with real time information to assist in advising the optimum environment for the tested person.

Environmental S-Drive