Optimize baby and Child Report

Optimizing the potential of babies and children, from the age of 1 to 13 years, requires a great deal of knowledge. This report will provides you with the important information needed.

Optimize baby and Child Report

Some of the nutrients babies and children need to grow and stay healthy include: Calcium – help build strong bones and teeth. Fat – creates energy, is needed for the brain development, keeps the skin and hair healthy, and protects against infections.

Currently your child and almost everyone else on the planet, are operating below their potential due to the effects of the environment. Processed foods, low nutrient intake, toxins and chemicals, electromagnetic fields and extremely low frequency influences are responsible for a breakdown or lowering of the body’s normal day-to-day functions.

These functions are basic processes which are crucial to the way in which the physical body expresses. Firstly, the quality of new cells the body creates to repair itself and secondly, the nervous system and enzyme processes which are responsible for all physical processes.


To achieve the optimal potential for children, you need to ensure that these processes are working in harmony. Anything less than optimum can be an association with a loss of function, which can be reflected in low energy, poor sleep, weak immune system, poor concentration, irritability, general aches and pain, slow recovery, susceptibility to injury and more. If left in a sub-optimal state for too long, then this can eventually lead to chronic issues.

The Baby and Child report programs are designed to help identify many of the common environmental influences that could be leading to a less-than-optimum output of your child genes, enzymes or metabolic function. The report also provides you with a 90-Day Plan for dealing with these issues for optimizing your child through dietary, nutritional programs.

Optimization is an awakening process, whereby you will become aware of your child’s specific environmental factors and their effect of functionality.

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None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. It is intended to provide nutritional food information. The digital process uses We use In-Vivo rather than In-Vitro technology and therefore does not provide reproducible indicators as it reflects the constant changing epigenetic environment at the quantum biological level. For this reason, nutritional food optimization should only be considered every 90 days. it is NOT recommended that a new Optimized report be created within this period.