Modern day electrical supply and technologies are largely powered by or utilize frequencies at the very low spectrum range. These are considered non-ionizing forms of EM radiation in the 50Hz to 1GHz range. There are many forms of natural frequency like visible light or ultra violet, even the body and its cells have a very weak frequency field.

Modern forms of frequency appear not to be very compatible with the body’s own cellular signalling fields and this is starting to create knock on effects for wellness.

These factors can interfere with everyday communication within your body and you should be eating a wide variety of foods which can support and maintain normal function.

As of yet, we do not fully understand the effects that our modern electrical environments are having on our wellness processes. However, it is clear that there is some effect and that it would be wise to start introducing foods which can help support the body and maintain systems which may come under pressure from the electrical appliances which we use on a daily basis both at home and work. Structured water may support cellular communication and help conserve energy in the system.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Sleep Disruption as well as depression have also been linked to both power frequency and radiofrequency magnetic fields. EMF may therefore be a co-factor to investigate in treatments.

In another incidence often overlooked; 1994-95 while working in a hospital in Lille, France, Dr. Eric Hachulla and colleagues noticed a number of patients who had come in for a blood analysis which turned out to have very unusual parameter, unknown in the medical literature. In addition all had addresses in one area – Coutiches, and they lived close to the controversial 400 kV transmission lines. A small-scale study was arranged consisting of 31 men, 34 women and 26 children, all living less than 200 metres from the lines. For the control group they used people who were recent blood donors at the Lille blood transfusion centre.

The results found that most of the people living close to the lines with magnetic field exposures of 2.0 milliGauss (0.2 uT) or more, had a blood condition characterized by low iron levels, but no symptoms of anemia and no decrease of ferritin, which normally is associated with iron deficiency. Dr Hachulla called this “pseudo iron deficiency” and felt that the findings were quite robust and that this enabled an objective, measureable bio-chemical effect clearly shown in people living near transmission lines. It was found that the abnormal blood parameters would return to normal levels when people moved away from the lines but that this took several months. The same effect (PID and EMF exposure) was seen in people living in another town, Bolezeele near similar transmission lines.

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